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  • เงินฟรี ดูบอลสดทรูสปอร์ต

    More than 75 years of flavor, consistency, and innovation in manufacturing nuts and confectionery products for you and your business.


    Confections & Nuts since 1945


    Over 70 years of manufacturing confections and nuts

    Depth of Product Line

    Over 100 stock confections and nuts for purchase

    Special Requests

    Let us help you to create and innovate

    Family Owned and Managed

    Four generations of mitment to building relationships with our customers

    Our Production Capabilities

    Highest-Quality Confections and Nuts Solutions

    Over the course of a half century in business, Georgia Nut pany has developed a wide range of capabilities with capacity to support in key manufacturing areas, including:

    Business Solutions

    Georgia Nut serves in four business channels with a mitment to excellence and superior service. We value our partnerships and building long term customer relationships.

    boy and girl with sweets

    Wholesale Confections

    Whether your business is bulk distribution or re-packaging, we are here to support your growth!

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    Contract Manufacturing

    Contract manufacturing has been a core equity of Georgia Nut pany for over 30 years

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    worker is checking the stack of boxes

    Industrial Ingredients

    Sourcing industrial ingredients is one of the most important aspects of any food manufacturer

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    Brown and White Blank Foil Food

    Private Label

    Let us know the product you are trying to develop, how you want it packed and we will take care of the rest

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